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I love the idea of having clean fresh food for myself and my family grown right on my land. I don't have to worry about where it came from or what might have been added to it. However, this is a very difficult thing to do on a limited budget with a few acres of suburban land especially for someone with a very brown thumb. Things always kept falling through and I kept not being able to get the farm land I dreamed off. I let the challenges form excuses and I kept putting off the dream thinking someday.  However, I eventually realized sometimes you just have to get started where you are.  I decided to build the small homestead and use it as an experiment until I could eventually get a bigger farm property. 

In 2019, I did some experiments with hydroponics and Tilpea. They did not go well, but I learned some things.

In 2020, I started my first experiment with a single bee-hive. I also planted a few nut trees in the backyard. In 2021, I added flowers, herbs, strawberries, pollinator plants, and a few small dwarf fruit trees. Not much, but a start. I have continued working on my experiments since then and enjoy spending time out in my homestead-garden. I will occasionally share information about my experiments in my blog or on my Facebook.

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