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Magical Dreams

My entire life,  I have had huge dreams. Most of my life the people I was around made me feel like I was crazy because I don't want normal or average. I want exceptional. When I was younger it felt like the only way I would start succeeding was if magic intervened and made my dreams come true. It felt truly impossible to accomplish big things. 


Like everyone, along life's journey's I have had my own personnel forms of hell and have learned to persevere. If one door closes another even better one always seems to open. I just have to have faith and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Most especially, I have to not listen to all the doubters and do what I think is right. 

Magical Dreams is my answer to my doubters, the people who have tried to shut me down and my hand out to others who are struggling.  Let's challenge what everyone else says is impossible and find the magic to reach for the stars and make our 'crazy' dreams come true.

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